Estelle Piper - Actor, Director, Instructor, Graphic Artist
About Estelle (Acting Resume below)
Estelle Piper works in theatre and media as an actor, director and acting instructor.  She works with companies and schools in the Bay Area and beyond, including San Jose Stage, City Lights Theatre, Menlo Players, Hillbarn, Actors Theatre, ArtRise, Northside, Shady Shakespeare, Teatro Vision, Pear Theatre, Quo Vadis, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Improvisational Family in the East Bay.  She co-founded 3 theatre companies in the South Bay: City Lights Theatre, Tzaddi Theatre and Libra Productions.  Estelle served on the board of directors for Quo Vadis Theatre Company, Shady Shakespeare, and City Lights Theatre, and is Artistic Director for Three of a Perfect Pair Theatre. She enjoys directing adult and young people's theatre, as well as teaching acting.
Estelle recently appeared as Sugar Lee in "The Hallelujah Girls" (Santa Clara Players), and as Helen Gooch in episode 2 this season for "I Almost Got Away With It" on the Investigation Discovery Channel. She directed "Bull in a China Shop" for Santa Clara Players , (Standout Comedy 2010 from Silicon Valley Small Theatre Awards-Wave Magazine), and directed "Run For Your Wife" there.  Estelle also directed & acted in  "Vaulting Ambition" for Three of a Perfect Pair Theatre's production of "Shakespeare Three Ways".   Estelle has been in several independent films, including "Chickens in the Shadows,"  ""60 & Pregnant," "Orange Jumpsuit," "Budget Cutter," "Dog Story" and "Orange Jumpsuit."  A scene from "Chickens in the Shadows" is currently a hit on YouTube: plus a follow-up music video "I'm Not Homeless." She's recently been in the web series "The Reals Sims" episode 8 (season 1 finale), and "How We Met: 2050" as well as industrial training films.
Estelle paints in various media, including watercolors, acrylics, and art glazes.  She works on murals, wall frescos, canvasses, cards, and hand-painted items.  When her father passed away in 2002, she began creating abstract computer art and printing cards with her own designs and photography.  She lives in Rio Vista, California with her husband Kevin Kennedy.
 Appointments:  408-921-2606 or click Contact Me
ACTING RESUME - Estelle Piper
408-921-2606                               Rio Vista, CA
Mother                                 "A Day at the Races"                        Small Press Traffic Theatre
Sugar Lee Thompkins           "Hallelujah Girls"                               Santa Clara Players
Rival Baron                          "Vaulting Ambition"                            Three of Perfect Pair Theatre
Claudia Procula                    "Humanity vs Pontius Pilate"              Quo Vadis Theatre
Prospero                             “The Tempest”                                    Shady Shakespeare
Duncan                               “Macbeth”                                          Shady Shakespeare
Mrs. Boyle                           “Prelude to a Kiss”                             Northside Theatre
The Devil                             “Sing Brightly From a Dark Space”    Pear Theatre
M’Lynn                                “Steel Magnolias”                               Northside Theatre
Boo                                     “Last Night of Ballyhoo”                      Northside Theatre
Black Widow                        “Bridges”                                           Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Peasant Woman                  “Incorruptible”                                     San Jose Stage Company
Mrs. Van Daan                     “The Diary of Anne Frank”                   Northside Theatre
Mama                                  “ ‘night, Mother”                                 Black Box Productions
Olivia                                   “Twelfth Night”                                   Shady Shakespeare
Eleanor of Aquitaine              “The Lion in Winter”                           Northside Theatre    
Olive                                    “The Odd Couple” (Female)                 Libra Productions     
Dr. Livingston                        “Agnes of God”                                  Tzaddi / Burgess      
Lawyer                                 “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”                 Tzaddi / San Jose Stage     
Charlotte Corday                   “Marat / Sade”                                   City Lights                    
Helen Googe                     "I Almost Got Away With It"              ID Channel / AE Casting
Toasters (Lead)                 "Taste the Biscuit" music video        Vincent Gargiulo 
Toasters (Lead)                 "I'm Not Homeless"                           Vincent Gargiulo  
Toasters (Lead)               “Chickens in the Shadows”              Vincent Gargiulo Prods                 
Agnes (Lead)                    "60 & Pregnant"                                19th Cloud Productions
Neighbor/Mourner             "The Real Sims" web series              Kill9 TV
Sheila                                "How We Met: 2050" web series       B. Rotner / E. Maxon
Cheryl Murphy                  "I Almost Got Away With It"               Investigation Discovery
Senior Couple                    CTR commercial                               AE Casting
Senior Couple                    San Jose Flea Market commercial   AE Casting
Mother                               "Cuff Me If You Can"                         ID Channel
Beatrice                             "Dog Story"                                       Camilla Savoia
Gretel                                "Budget Cutter"                               Camilla Savoia
Psychic                              "KNFR from 7:00-7:30"                   Vincent Gargiulo
Julie                                   "Improving Patient Experience"      Click-To-Play
Jeneane                             "Literacy"                                        Click-To-Play
Julie                                    "Improving Patient Experience"       Click-To-Play
Day Care Mother               Industrial film                                  San Jose – United Way
Various roles                     Books on CD                                   Blackstone Audio books
Narration/Voice-over         Astronomers in History                    Michigan State Planetarium
Print work                          Various Photo Shoots                     Willow Glen Productions
Youth Acting Workshops  -   City of Sunnyvale/Community Ctr  -   Instructor
Acting/Performance Workshops  -   Private Instruction  -   Instructor/Director (10+ yrs)
Acting  -   MAEP San Jose Adult Education  -   Instructor (8yrs)
Theatre Productions  -  Prospect High School  -   Director (4 yrs)
Beginning Acting  -   Morgan Hill Adult Education  -   Instructor                
Creative Drama Wkshops- Michigan State; Lansing Schools-Manager/Instructor/Performer 
Director                        "Run For Your Wife"                           Santa Clara Players
Director                         "The Seder"                                       City Lights--staged reading
Director                        “Vaulting Ambition”                           Three of Perfect Pair Theatre
Director                        “Bull in a China Shop”                       Santa Clara Players
Producer                       "Margaret of Castello"                      Quo Vadis Theatre
Director                        “Claude Newman”                             Quo Vadis Theatre
Director                        “Educating Rita”                                Libra Productions/ArtRise  
Director                        “Agnes of God”                                 Tzaddi - Burgess Theatre       
Director                        “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”               Tzaddi / San Jose Stage   
Stage Manager             "Angry Housewives"                        San Jose Stage Company
Director                        “Danny & The Deep Blue Sea”          Tzaddi/Actors Theatre
Director                         “God’s Favorite”                                Menlo Players’ Guild 
Director                         “You Ought To Be In Pictures”          Hillbarn Theatre        
Director                         “A Girl’s Guide To Chaos”                 City Lights Theatre                 
Director                         “The Women”                                    Menlo Players’ Guild 
Director                    “Winnie-the-Pooh”                                 Northside Theatre
Director                    “Peter Pan”                                           Prospect High                      
Director                    “How I Survive High School”                    Prospect High           
Director                    “Arsenic and Old Lace”                          Prospect High           
Director                    “The Odd Couple” (male & female)          Prospect High 
Director                    "Second Shepherd's Play"                     Northside Theatre       
Director                    “Facts of Life”                                       Northside Theatre     
Director                    “Step On A Crack”                                Northside Theatre     
Artistic Director: Three of a Perfect Pair Theatre
Co-Founder: City Lights Theatre Company
Co-Founder/Artistic Director: Tzaddi Theatre
Co-Founder/Artistic Director: Libra Productions
Graduate / Undergraduate work at Michigan State & San Jose State
SPECIAL INTERESTS:                                     
Make-up; mimicry; improvisation; dance: jazz, modern, ballet; painting, guitar, swimming, skating, singing, Sims
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